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To strongly accelerate the transition to sustainability at our customers, we use on-site and off-site solar. We are the 'one stop solar shop' and build highways to 100% green, cheap electricity. This is how we empower everyone, because driven by solar energy we help make sustainable dreams come true. And let's shine all our customers.

The Highway to Affordable, Green Energy .​

Today, greening the energy needs is an absolute top priority for every entrepreneur. Whether it concerns a housing corporation, an industrial company, an SME or a logistics real estate player, they are all working on their own energy transition. Faster to cheap, green electricity? With Ecorus you will be the first to reach your 'net zero target'. 

We Invest, Develop and Build .

More than 100 solar experts work in our 'one stop solar energy shop'. A reliable place where everything comes together: high-quality technical solar knowledge, a considerable number of implementations at various customers and a range of financing models. By working closely together in the chain, we create the most value for our customers.

Customer story ALDI

European roll-out of on-site & off-site solar .

The implementation of solar power for customer Aldi has started in the Netherlands with solar power installations at 40 locations (multi site). In which the same high standard requirements for quality and safety are carried out in every country and location.

Customer story GLP

Through smart design, our costs are not only lower, but also our revenues are higher

One of the world's largest logistics real estate players GLP Europe is working with Ecorus to make its real estate portfolio 'future proof'. Since January, we have been working hard on a solar roof in Zevenaar. A good example of smart design, the G-Park project will become one of the largest solar roofs in Europe.

Customer story Zonnepark Groetpolder

Creative with grid connection: solar-wind cable pooling

A cleaner, fossil-free world for current and future generations through innovative thinking and action and through smart use of solar and wind energy. In Groetpolder they show that it is possible.

Customer story Kennemer Wonen

In final gear with solar energy .

In 2016, Kennemer Wonen started to provide 1,000 to 1,500 rental homes with a maximum of eight solar panels each year. Krista Water, managing director of Kennemer Wonen and Bauke Bakker, commercial director of Ecorus, are enthusiastic about the acceleration and the good cooperation.

Customer Story Next Level Development

Developing together to accelerate

Our collaboration with real estate developer Next Level dates back to 2019 with a first solar energy project in Venlo. It resulted in Europe's most powerful solar roof of 15 MW, which was realized in record time.

Climate Fund customer story

Accelerating together. Making impact together. Together we get further.

The collaboration with Climate Fund Netherlands dates from 2020, shortly after the establishment of the already successful investment fund for large-scale solar energy projects in the Netherlands.

Our target markets where we have been making an impact for more than 10 years.

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Commercial Projects

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Large Scale Projects

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Social Rental Housing

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Shine Bright.

With our 'bright solutions' of on-site and off-site solar, we are building highways to green, cheap electricity. In this way we help our customers to realize their sustainable dreams, whereby we ensure an independent energy supply with 100% cheap, green electricity without CO2. By accelerating their own energy transition, we let customers shine. Therein lies the value and promise of 'shine bright'.

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September 21 2023
-  News item
Lidl concludes one of the largest Solar Corporate Power Purchase Agreements in the Netherlands 
08 Sep. 2023
-  Press release
Collective purchasing of solar panels successfully completed!
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Grateful work for a target group that desperately needs it
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“Our aquarium with tropical fish and high water temperature consumes a lot of power, so solar panels are very handy for us”
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Use of drone for optimal installation plan for solar panels
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Sun along the A7: approach and lessons learned
22 Feb. 2023:
Ecorus supplies all Stek homes with solar power.
29 Jan. 2023:
Reliability in the field of supply, installation capacity and advice to housing associations?
28 Jan. 2023:
“The installer was very friendly, recognizable and explained well what he was going to do”

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