Our mission & vision

The sun has been around for 5 billion years and is expected to be around for another 5 billion years. She is an enormous source of energy from which we can draw. Its energy costs nothing, is there for everyone and contains no CO2. As a solar explorer of the first hour, Ecorus is on a mission to make an impact with solar energy. For us, solar energy is the new standard. Wondering how we do it?

Impact makers who make the difference .

We have an intrinsic motivation to make a positive social contribution. When making an impact with solar energy, we are resourceful and solution-oriented. And we love a challenge. Like any other major system change, energy transition is not about roses. We are flexible and come up with smart solutions, which we also implement. And even in the face of adversity, we stand tall and move forward. That is our entrepreneurial pioneering mentality that makes all the difference.

We believe in
the power of the sun .

Climate change is a huge societal challenge. We believe in a better, sustainable future without fossil fuels and CO2. In which the infinite energy of the sun is the solution. Solar energy is becoming the new standard. Together we are on a mission that began over 10 years ago. With a reward ahead that surpasses the value of money: a better future for people and planet.

Building together toward
100% affordable, green energy .

We help organizations transition to 100% green carbon-free power. Not only do we create customized plans, we implement them step by step. Our 'one stop solar shop' approach makes us the unique point of contact for the entire transition to carbon-free electricity, both for on-site and off-site solar power. Our 'path to net-zero electricity' starts from the customer's current and future energy needs and leads to an independent energy supply with 100% low-cost, green power without CO2.

We conceive, build, manage and finance solar power plants .

Ecorus provides on-site and off-site solar power plants in various formulas. In addition, Ecorus provides complementary solutions such as energy monitoring, energy management software, energy storage, energy hubs, cable pooling, virtual battery, corporate PPAs, etc to accelerate the transition to net-zero carbon electricity. From consulting, building, maintaining, managing and financing. We have all disciplines in-house.

Strategic goal

We want to close a coal-fired power plant by 2030 .

Well, that's an appealing strategic goal, though: closing a coal-fired power plant. In other words, by 2030 we want to have 3,000 MW of solar power realized by 2030. After all, that's the equivalent energy of an average coal-fired power plant. Will you join us?