15 Sep. 2022

-  Press release

With solar energy, Rochdale is taking major steps towards making home ownership more sustainable

Amsterdam, September 15, 2022. Rochdale has commissioned Lens and Ecorus - two solar energy companies that have more than earned their spurs in the housing sector - to make housing ownership significantly more sustainable. Lens and Rochdale have been working together satisfactorily since 2019. In total, Lens has installed more than 6,500 panels for Rochdale. Ecorus has been selected as a partner to accelerate sustainability.

Rochdale has great ambitions in the field of sustainability. Rochdale wants to make all its homes energy neutral by 2050. In anticipation of this, there are also short-term objectives: the national government has determined that in 2030 no homes with energy label E or lower may be rented. That's why Rochdale is now shifting solar energy into a higher gear.

Ecorus and Lens will therefore help Rochdale to achieve these objectives in the coming years by installing complete solar installations on the roofs of Rochdale's housing estate. In single-family homes with a (suitable) own roof, the panels are connected to the meter box of the home. Multi-family homes and apartment complexes are connected to the collective facilities of apartment complexes, instead of to the individual meter boxes. This saves a lot of time and makes maintenance and replacement a lot easier.


“Put roofs full of solar panels and connect them to the collective facilities”
Luke Oosterbaan | Director of Sustainability Rochdale

Creative solutions
Rochdale owns properties in Amsterdam, Zaandam, Purmerend, Diemen and Landsmeer. This means that the panels often have to be placed in a busy, urban environment. There are many narrow streets and roofs can be full of installations, chimneys and antennas. This brings challenges. Thanks to the knowledge and creativity of the engineers of both solar energy companies, the roofs are used optimally, and on many roofs even more panels have been installed than expected.


“Lens unburdens its customers with the aim of helping to accelerate the energy transition.”
Tessa te Riele | Commercial Director Lens


We are very happy with this assignment to let Amsterdam tenants with a tight wallet experience the benefits of solar energy. Tenants love it and literally shine when they see with their own eyes that the solar panels on their roof generate many extra euros.”
Bauke Baker | Director Ecorus Home

About Rochdale
Rochdale gives home. Good and affordable housing, in strong neighbourhoods, for people with a relatively low income. That's what Rochdale has stood for, for nearly 120 years. The playing field is the Amsterdam metropolitan region (Amsterdam, Zaanstad, Purmerend, Diemen and Landsmeer). There, Rochdale rents out more than 38,000 homes to around 80,000 residents.

About Lenses
Lens has been the full-service sun partner for 10 years. From development and realization to management, completely carefree. You will find Lens solar roofs throughout the Netherlands, for the business and residential market. Lens offers solutions for every roof under one roof according to the highest quality and safety standards.

About Ecorus
ecorus (www.ecorus.com) has grown in 10 years to become one of the larger national players in the relatively young solar energy sector. The company has been working for the housing corporation sector in the Netherlands since 2014 and has more than 20 corporations as customers.

With solar energy, Rochdale is taking major steps towards making home ownership more sustainable

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