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Executive power at high speed! Here you will find more than 100 solar specialists under one roof, working together in multidisciplinary teams from their own areas of expertise. With maximum coordination and minimum noise. Wondering how we can offer you the total solution for solar energy both on-site and off-site?

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Reduce your energy costs or discover the possibilities with solar energy. Get started with our advisors for a tailor-made advice plan.


Looking for the technically best performing solar installations? As the market leader in turn-key & on-time deliveries, we are happy to help.

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Getting the most out of your plant and investment? Get started with specialized maintenance and management for optimal returns.

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Coming up with technically high-quality "out of the box" solutions that are also practically feasible is our strength. The consultancy unit with engineers, business economists, business experts, lawyers and financing experts provides added value to roof and land owners who have available acreage for large-scale solar energy development.

Based on business economics, our solar experts work on conclusive business cases that yield the highest possible yields and returns. All of this, of course, with realistic time schedules and relief from A to Z. We also often operate as an external extension of an Energy Team on the client's side. Or as one of our major international clients put it: solar prowess at arm's length.

Together we build and accelerate your energy transition .

To keep solar power plants -large or small- running smoothly for decades, we do not compromise on quality and safety. Whether we build that power plant for ourselves or for an external party, it is an investment that must yield an optimum return. It must be 100% reliable. With the lowest total cost of ownership.

The execution unit has everything you need to accelerate your ambitious energy transition. For example, by expanding your solar power plant with charging stations, battery storage, solar carports and energy management systems such as; curtailment and cable pooling. Depending on your situation, 4 smart building blocks can be deployed to accelerate your energy transition. Wondering which ones we can deploy for you?

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Life Cycle Solar

Suppose your solar installation is "powered up. Then there are three key issues to 'manage': How do you maximize energy production? How do you minimize downtime? How do you reduce life-cycle operations and maintenance costs? That requires a piece of asset management, maintenance and management.

We handle all technical and administrative aspects of the installation, including verification of contractual obligations. In addition, we manage the relationships between your installation and any external parties that may affect your operations, such as grid operators or local farmers. In managing your installation, we use our Operations Control Room. This allows 24-hour access to information and smarter operations.

Withpreventive & reactive maintenance,monitoring, camera surveillance, cleaning and availability & PR guarantee, we already maintain and manage dozens of solar power plants during life cycle optimally.

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We all want to become more sustainable, but what is the right step to take right away? Make an appointment with one of our solar advisors for tailored advice. Completely free of obligation.