Price certainty and long-term cost savings.

A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) – is a long-term contract between a power producer and a company, in which the company purchases renewable energy directly from the producer. Discover Ecorus’ CPPA – the key to cost savings and price certainty.


Cost containment versus green ambitions.

At a time when energy prices are fluctuating unpredictably and sustainability goals are becoming increasingly ambitious, companies face a challenge. How can you both control costs and meet green ambitions at the same time? The answer lies in Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs). This is not only a game-changer in terms of financial stability, but also your ticket to an authentically green image and operation.


Minimize financial risks.

A CPPA is the solution for companies without space for their own solar generation or who want to become more sustainable without a heavy financial burden. Whether you have already utilized all space, want to green large energy consumption or are looking for price certainty; a CPPA minimizes financial risk and opens doors to renewable energy. However, implementing a CPPA can be quite complex. That’s where Ecorus can help.


Lidl closes one of the largest CPPA in the Netherlands.

At Ecorus, we help many companies use solar panels to generate their own energy. For many of these companies, using solar energy contributes greatly to their ESG goals. But sometimes the energy needs exceed what the installed solar panels can provide. To still meet ESG targets, through a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement we offer the opportunity to purchase solar energy generated elsewhere. Lidl Netherlands is the first food retailer in the Netherlands to enter into such a CPPA.


The accelerator of sustainable ambitions

Sustainability is at the heart of today’s corporate world. For organizations looking to realize their green ambitions without huge upfront investments, the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) offers a promising solution. Discover in this white paper how a CPPA works, why it is relevant to your business and how Ecorus can guide you through every step of the way.

Working together on CPPA

Considering a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) is an important step for companies serious about their sustainability goals. However, implementing a CPPA requires a measured approach. There are several factors (see our white paper) that must be taken into account to fully realize the potential of a CPPA.

Direct Access to Renewable Energy

A CPPA allows companies to buy directly from energy producers, making them certain of the origin of their energy

Cost savings and price certainty

In a world where energy prices fluctuate, a CPPA provides stability with fixed rates over the life of the contract. This provides clarity in financial planning and budgeting

Strengthening sustainability image

Consumers and stakeholders increasingly prefer companies that actively contribute to a sustainable future. By entering into a CPPA, a company sends a powerful message

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