15 Mar. 2024

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” As a company you want your business to be future-proof and we can help you get there. In the case of Wienerberger, a leading manufacturer of building materials, that means they will be leasing solar parks from us for the next 16 years. Ecorus, with its ‘One Stop Solar Shop’, is not only responsible for developing, building, and maintaining all the solar projects but also provides financing. The PV-installations on three locations are running and before the end of the year three more will be developed, built and...
07 Mar. 2024
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Ascend to sustainability: Heldair II's solar development lands beside maritime airbase.
01 Mar. 2024
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Solar panel project in Holy great success
22 Feb. 2024
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Ecorus spearheads major CPPA with Fastned and GLP
07 Feb. 2024
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Van der Valk and Ecorus fly on solar energy
05 Feb. 2024
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Record number of solar panels installed by Lefier and Ecorus
28 Dec. 2023
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Hessing assures sustainable future with CPPA of Haghorst solar farm

We like to keep you up to date:

07 Dec. 2023:
Ecorus helps Wienerberger realize sustainable ambitions
06 Dec. 2023:
Next Level and Ecorus extend partnership
24 Oct. 2023:
Thanks to Ecorus, Xidoor works with solar energy from its own and other roofs.
21 Sep. 2023:
Lidl signs one of the largest Solar Corporate Power Purchase Agreements in the Netherlands
08 Sep. 2023:
Collective purchasing of solar panels successfully completed!
03 Aug. 2023:
Solar panels are hot
27 Jun. 2023:
Grateful work for a target audience that desperately needs it
27 Jun. 2023:
“Our aquarium with tropical fish and high water temperature consumes a lot of electricity, so solar panels are very useful for us”

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