Apr. 25, 2023

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Ecorus Home starts its own installation team

"Quality and a safe working environment for our installers are paramount here" In April, Ecorus Home started its own installation team. When starting our own installation team, quality and safety are paramount. In addition, by starting our own installation team, we create flexibility and stability. The first team has started and we are currently looking for installers for a second installation team. Reliability in terms of installation capacity Ecorus Home has also had challenges in terms of installation capacity. Currently, we are already working with the so-called multi-vendor strategy. Simply put, this means we work with multiple installation partners....
Apr. 12, 2023
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Deploying drone for optimal solar panel laying plan
Feb. 23, 2023
- News release
Solar along the A7: approach and lessons learned
Feb. 22, 2023
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Ecorus provides solar power to all Stek homes.
Jan. 29, 2023
- News release
Reliability in terms of delivery, installation capacity and advice towards housing associations?
Jan. 28, 2023
- Tenant in the spotlight
"The installer was very friendly, relatable and explained well what he was going to do"
Jan. 04, 2023
- Press Release
Van der Valk and Ecorus launch nationwide solar power rollout

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Broad action team to work on biggest power grid bottlenecks

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