September 21 2023

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Lidl concludes one of the largest Solar Corporate Power Purchase Agreements in the Netherlands 

At Ecorus we help many companies to generate their own energy with solar panels. For many of these companies, the use of solar energy contributes significantly to their ESG objectives. But sometimes the energy requirement is greater than the installed solar panels can supply. In order to achieve the ESG objectives, we offer the option to purchase solar energy generated elsewhere via a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement. Lidl Netherlands is the first food retailer in the Netherlands to conclude such a CPPA, thanks to the efforts of Ecorus. Corporate Power Purchase Agreement A CPPA works very simply. Companies make an appointment...
08 Sep. 2023
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Collective purchasing of solar panels successfully completed!
03 Aug. 2023
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Solar panels are hot
27 Jun. 2023
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Grateful work for a target group that desperately needs it
27 Jun. 2023
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“Our aquarium with tropical fish and high water temperature consumes a lot of power, so solar panels are very handy for us”
Apr. 25, 2023
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Ecorus Home starts with its own installation team
Apr. 12, 2023
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Use of drone for optimal installation plan for solar panels

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New breeding ground with technical talents for installation companies
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Ecorus wins Sustainability Award for Non-Residential!
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With solar energy, Rochdale is taking major steps towards making home ownership more sustainable

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