Apr. 25, 2023

-  Press release

Ecorus Home starts with its own installation team

“Quality and a safe working environment for our installers are paramount”

In April, Ecorus Home started with its own installation team. When starting our own installation team, quality and safety are paramount. In addition, we create flexibility and stability by starting our own installation team. The first team has started and we are currently looking for installers for a second installation team.

Reliability in terms of installation capacity

Ecorus Home has also had challenges in terms of installation capacity. We are currently already working with the so-called multi-vendor strategy. Simply put, this means that we work with multiple installation partners. By starting our own installation team, we can also always deploy extra installers if necessary. We can also delegate complicated jobs in special situations to our own team.

We look forward to making even more tenants happy with solar panels with our own installation team.

Ecorus Home starts with its own installation team

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