24 Oct. 2023

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Thanks to Ecorus, Xidoor works with solar energy from its own and other roofs.

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, Xidoor is making impressive strides toward a greener future. Together with energy supplier Scholt Energy and real estate developer GLP, the company has signed a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA). The CPPA came about thanks to Ecorus, which previously equipped the roofs of the Someren-based manufacturer of interior doors and interior door frames with solar panels.

A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement allows companies to purchase solar energy not generated on their own premises. With this CPPA, Xidoor not only gets solar energy from panels on its own roof, but the company also purchases solar energy from an impressive solar roof on a property owned by logistics real estate developer GLP. A solar roof realized by Ecorus.

Old friends, new goals

This is not the first time Xidoor and Ecorus have joined forces. The collaboration began two years ago when Xidoor approached Ecorus to equip its available roof area with 6,000 solar panels. These solar panels allowed the company to meet a significant portion of its energy needs. John Dortants, CFO Xidoor: “With rising energy prices, we also wanted to rely on the power of the sun for the rest of our energy needs. A CPPA turned out to be the ideal way to do this.”

The power of collaboration

Of course, such a CPPA can only come about when different parties work together. Mike Dusseldorp, Head of PPA and energy markets Ecorus: “At Ecorus, we are known for our innovative approach. With a CPPA, we connect companies that cannot or cannot fully meet their energy needs themselves with solar panels to projects where solar energy is generated but not directly purchased.” In this case, logistics property developer GLP had a substantial roof area available at a distribution center in Oss. This roof was fitted with solar panels by Ecorus and, thanks to the efforts of energy supplier Scholt Energy, Xidoor is now utilizing the maximum possible space in off-take of solar energy.

Matching Xidoor’s vision of the future

With this CPPA, Xidoor enters into a commitment as of next year to purchase the entire production of solar energy from the roof in Oss for a period of 15 years. This doubles the company’s annual solar energy consumption. A big step, which fits the future vision of Xidoor. Dennis Gouka, CEO Xidoor: “It is a commitment that clearly goes beyond a temporary trend or a short-term solution. With this we

not only show that we are environmentally conscious, it also fits into our strategic vision for the coming years.” By fully committing to solar energy, Xidoor is demonstrating its forward-looking approach to the future of energy. The company is setting new standards for the industry, strengthening its position as a leader in sustainability.

cppa xidoor

[photo] From left to right Mike Dusseldorp (Ecorus), Dennis Gouka (CEO Xidoor), John Dortants (CFO Xidoor) and Maarten Henkelmans (Scholt Energy)

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