27 Jun. 2023

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“Our aquarium with tropical fish and high water temperature consumes a lot of electricity, so solar panels are very useful for us”

Richard and Thea de Boer live in a single-family home through a housing association
Rijswijk Living. They have lived here with great pleasure for about 30 years. Since February this year they have had 8 solar panels on the roof.

“The savings were the main reason for us to participate”

After Richard and Thea received the letter from Rijswijk Wonen & Ecorus, they registered immediately. “We easily did that online,” says Thea. Savings on energy bills were the main reason for participating. Particularly because of their aquarium with tropical fish and high water temperature, this is one of our devices that consumes a lot of power.

In addition to saving on energy bills, they enjoy contributing to a better environment in this way. Richard also indicates that the solar panels block heat in the attic. “In the summer that makes a difference of about 1 to 2 degrees,” says Richard.

“The installers worked safely”

Prior to the installation, the installer came by to show photos what the cable route would look like. On the day of the installation, the installers politely introduced themselves. “I got the men some delicious sausage rolls and made them a cup of coffee,” says Thea with a smile. The installation was done within 4 hours. The installation went well and the installers cleaned up everything nicely after they were done. Richard himself works in technical services. Working safely is the top priority. “I think it’s good to see that the boys worked safely,” he says.

“My wife used to only wash after 11 p.m. Now we do that during the day when the sun is shining”

Richard and Thea have a good tip for other tenants with solar panels: turn on your washing machine or dishwasher during the day when the sun is shining. They used to only do that after 11 p.m., but now they do it during the day when the sun is shining.

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