07 Feb. 2024

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Van der Valk and Ecorus fly on solar energy

Ecorus and renowned hotel chain Van der Valk are proud to announce the extension of their successful partnership. This extension not only means the continued development and construction of PV installations, but also marks a new milestone: a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) with a solar park built by Ecorus.

“This enhanced partnership with Ecorus is an important step in our sustainability journey. Having successfully implemented solar panels at many hotel locations, the CPPA is a strategic move to accelerate our sustainability goals. With a 10-year term for the CPPA, we look forward to a long-term impact on our energy supply and the environment,” said Van der Valk.

Development, construction and CPPA

Since the partnership began in late 2022, Ecorus has completed PV installations at 10 Van der Valk sites, with a total capacity of 5 MW. The new CPPA agreement, with Van der Valk buying about a quarter of the total production from Zonneweide Haghorst, highlights the joint ambition to make a significant contribution to the energy transition.

“We are proud to deepen our partnership with Van der Valk. This CPPA, along with the renewal of our framework contract for building solar energy facilities, demonstrates that together we are making great strides toward a more sustainable future. It is an honor to work with Van der Valk on their ambitious sustainability goals and we look forward to the positive impact our joint efforts will have,” said Mike Dusseldorp, Head of PPA and Energy Markets at Ecorus.

Scholt Energy collaboration

The collaboration between Ecorus and Van der Valk perfectly illustrates how companies can jointly strive for a more sustainable future. Van der Valk’s commitment to sustainability is visible not only in their participation in the CPPA, but also in previous initiatives such as developing charging points for electric vehicles. An important role in this collaboration is played by Scholt Energy. The fact that Scholt Energy has been Van der Valk’s energy supplier for a very long time and the fact that Scholt Energy and Ecorus have already successfully concluded several CPPAs together has led to efficient cooperation and contractual agreements that benefit all parties involved, paving the way for further sustainable developments.

The One Stop Solar Energy Shop

“Working with Ecorus has given us the flexibility essential in the rapidly changing energy market,” notes Rick Luiten of Van der Valk. “Although there were challenges, Ecorus consistently met all agreements and adapted to our specific needs. This ability to respond quickly and effectively to changing conditions has been critical to the success of our projects.”

Van der Valk

Van der Valk and Ecorus fly on solar energy

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