Customer Stories

The Royal Mint

The Royal Dutch Mint coins solar power .

Commissioned by Heylen Vastgoed, we installed a powerful solar power plant on the new Royal Dutch Mint building in Utrecht in 2020. The solar power plant is a technical tour de force that meets the very highest fire safety requirements.

Saba Solar Park

Off grid solar solution 'avant la letrre' on tropical Saba .

Solar power with battery storage. Today, the flag goes up when solar power generation is connected to a 1 megawatt battery. Indeed, it underscores the potential of affordable storage. Read Saba's story here.


European rollout on-site & off-site solar .

The implementation of solar power for customer Aldi started in the Netherlands with solar power installations at 40 locations (multi site). In which in each country and location is implemented with the same high standard requirements for quality and safety.

Groetpolder Solar Farm

Creative with grid connection: solar-wind cable pooling .

A cleaner, fossil-free world for current and future generations through innovative thinking and action and smart use of solar and wind energy. In Groetpolder, they are showing that it can be done.

Kennemer Wonen

In final gear with solar energy .

In 2016 Kennemer Wonen started to provide 1,000 to 1,500 rental homes each year with up to eight solar panels. Krista Water, chief executive officer of Kennemer Wonen and Bauke Bakker, commercial director of Ecorus are enthusiastic about the acceleration and good cooperation.

Next Level Development

Developing together to accelerate rock hard .

Our partnership with real estate developer Next Level dates back to 2019 with a first solar project in Venlo. It resulted in Europe's most powerful 15 MW solar roof that was completed in record time.

Climate Fund

Accelerating together. Making impact together. Together we get further.

The collaboration with Klimaatfonds Nederland dates back to 2020, fairly soon after the establishment of the already successful investment fund for large-scale solar energy projects in the Netherlands.


Nike Runs on Sunshine .

At Nike's distribution center in Ham, Belgium, there have been four soccer fields of solar power since 2017. As befits Nike: be progressive in sustainability and if it feels right, just do it!

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