22 Feb. 2023

-  Press release

Ecorus supplies all Stek homes with solar power.

Stek housing association, Ecorus has chosen to make its entire housing stock more sustainable with solar power in the coming years. This concerns 500 homes per year. For the construction of the installations and their maintenance, Hans Al, director of Stek, signed the cooperation agreement with Sander van der Laan, director of Ecorus Home.

“At this time when energy prices are skyrocketing, we are thrilled to help Stek's tenants make their homes more sustainable. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits that solar energy offers.” Sander van der Laan, director of Ecorus Home.

An 8 for tenant satisfaction

A distinctive feature of the action plan to make tenants enthusiastic about the solar power project is the emphasis on personal contact in the recruitment campaign. We use various means of communication, designed in the house style and in line with STEK's language use. The best approach is also determined for each district together with STEK. For example, in a neighborhood where many seniors live, an information meeting is highly appreciated, while this is less necessary when more (young) families live in a neighborhood. STEK has been promised to go for an 8 in terms of tenant satisfaction.

“It's great to see that Ecorus takes tenant satisfaction very seriously. The pursuit of 100% happy Stek tenants therefore appeals to us enormously. Solar power is a good way to continue living affordably. With this collaboration, this will be accessible to all tenants. We can't do it all at once, but we are making great strides.” Hans Al, director of Stek Wonen

Multilingual customer service

When the solar power installation is connected, the technician will go through everything in detail with the tenant. He also leaves behind a handy information folder and sticks a sticker on the installation with the fault number. The tenant will then automatically receive an e-mail with a customer satisfaction survey. Does the tenant have questions? Then she can contact the experienced customer service on a daily basis. The tenant will then get on the line with a friendly and solution-oriented employee who can provide clear answers in several languages.

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Ecorus supplies all Stek homes with solar power.

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